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A Beautiful Cause

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At The Women’s Resource, we see the potential for a more beautiful future – one where women and girls in our community are independent, productive, and financially stable. Our mission is to help our clients realize that future.

We fulfill our mission by offering free, accessible education through our YourLife Finance programs. These programs exist to help women in the most difficult of times, whether they are fleeing violent homes, reentering into the workforce after incarceration, or overcoming the systematic barriers that exist in our society.

Another way we fulfill our mission is through teaching these valuable life lessons young women as well. RISE! was created to address this need as early as possible in life. RISE! (Your Road to Independence, Success and Empowerment), is the only program in Houston for high school girls that combines the life skills training necessary for leadership and professional success with the financial education that is critical for personal success.

Mrs. Texas Candidate: Jenny Guzman 

Jenny is a long-time supporter of The Women’s Resource. She serves on our Development Committee, and our Luncheon Host Committee, as well as being a dedicated YourLife Finance Instructor and RISE! Career Panel Volunteer. 

Jenny has even been named our Volunteer of the Year for 2021 for her incredible work and consistent determination to serving women and girls throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic! 

In addition to serving with The Women’s Resource, Jenny has experience in pageantry across the country. She was named Miss Gulf Coast USA in 2004 and competed in the Miss Texas USA and Miss District of Columbia USA Pageants under the Miss Universe System. She was recently named Mrs. Houston to compete in the Mrs. Texas Pageant in September, 2021. 

She has decided to combine her passion for nonprofit work with her pageant experience by fundraising on our behalf through the Mrs. Texas Pageant. You can help us meet our fundraising goal by clicking the link below!  

Want to see Jenny in the Mrs. Texas Pageant? Learn more here!


Why Support TWR? 

“Growing up, my mother was my SHEro. She was a single parent and served as a nurse for over 40 years. She always made sure to instill in me a desire to volunteer, serve and speak up for those who feel silenced. I learned to appreciate the simple things in life because our means were very limited. As a volunteer with TWR, I feel connected to the women we serve and their stories. Volunteering for an organization that truly has the power to positively impact the trajectory of lives gives me so much energy and joy. Witnessing women put thousands of dollars into an emergency savings account or paying down thousands in debt is empowering. One of the most beautiful stories I love to share is from a woman in one of our YLPG groups. She started the 9-week series feeling defeated, unsure about her future, and financially vulnerable following a tough divorce. By week 3, she had already started her emergency savings account. By the end of the series, she paid down debt, increased her credit score and most importantly, felt she had the tools and resources to conquer absolutely anything, including her financial future. I don’t think I’ll ever forget her story because she truly inspired me. Her story is one of thousands of women served by The Women’s Resource. My heart is with TWR and my goal is to inspire others to join in the mission by giving and volunteering. Thank you for joining me on this mission!” – Jenny Guzman, Mrs. Houston

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