Meet Allencia

Four years ago, Allencia left her job to become a full-time student and pursue her goal of working in the healthcare field.  Unfortunately, her resources were tight, which led to a series of poor financial choices and her credit score suffered because of it. 

Before attending possibility groups, Allencia tried fixing her credit on her own, but her progress was slow. She heard about our possibility groups and thought it was the perfect opportunity to have the support she needed to improve her financial situation. Allencia and her son are one of many families who are a part of a program called Family Pathways at one of our partner locations. Family Pathways supports women who have children and are currently enrolled in college.

The group setting made Allencia feel at ease and it was nice to know she wasn’t alone. “It was great to be able to bounce saving ideas off of my group members and the group setting let me know it wasn’t just me that was dealing with these financial issues.”

During her possibility group sessions, Allencia set a goal of improving her credit score. Allencia was able to accomplish her goal over the 10 weeks by disputing items and paying off debt. Her credit score improved by 91 points! In addition, Allencia was able to save over $5000. Since the group has ended, she has enrolled in our one-on-one YourLife Coaching program, is scheduled to graduate with her bachelor’s degree this summer,  and is on track with her savings to buy her first house in the next 2-3 years, something she thought would take at least 5 years to accomplish. 

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