YourLife Possibility Groups

Helping women manage their finances through education, reassurance and support.

YourLife Possibility Groups are the perfect fit for groups of 12-15 women who are interested in improving their finances. The group meets weekly over nine weeks and is led by two of our volunteer coaches.

Women in the group are encouraged to set financial goals around savings, credit and debt.

YourLife Possibility Groups help women see that their financial goals are possible! The group setting offers women the ability to brainstorm solutions together, learn from each other, support and hold one another accountable, and celebrate each success!

In 2022 alone, we helped 59 women across 4 Possibility Groups. 
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“Before starting YourLife Possibilities I felt so broken and discouraged around my finances. I was in a vicious cycle of work hard, feel bad, spend money, feel bad etc. This group and the women that give their time and share their experiences taught me that my behavior and belief behind money is connected to so many other things in my life. That by changing the way I believe about myself and my finances that I can accomplish my goals and live a financially successful life. My eyes are opened and I have the tools I need to break the cycle and to go from surviving to living.”

– Possibility Group Participant

Below are a few parameters we would be looking for in a group host: 

*During the current pandemic, group members should be able to meet over Zoom and have video and audio capabilities instead of convening at one location.

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    The Women’s Resource works together with organizations, companies, and individuals in the community who are interested in launching a YourLife Possibility Group for women they work with or know. The Women’s Resource is not currently offering open groups for individuals to join. However, we do hope to offer open groups in the future!  

    If you are interested in starting a YourLife Possibility Group (YLPG) for your organization, company or a group of women you know, please complete the YLPG Contact Us form above.  

    We only provide YourLife Possibility Groups for groups of women. Men who are interested in participating in our services are welcome to attend our free public YourLife Finance Classes.

    We recommend Possibility Groups for groups of 12-15 participants, doing this allows us to maintain an environment that fosters trust and helps build relationship during our sessions.  

    Each session is an hour and a half long. These sessions typically occur consecutively over 9 weeks, taking place once a week.

    While we are happy to offer YourLife Possibility Groups at our office, we’re also happy to launch the group off-site at a location that’s convenient for group members.  

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