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Your journey to a better financial future starts here.
Our coaches are ready to help you give your finances the personal attention it needs

Our judgement-free financial coaches can meet clients at our officeat a community location, via Zoom, and over the phone.

A huge key to transforming your financial habits is having a coach to provide you with the support and accountability you need. Our Financial Coaches offer free and confidential financial coaching; delivering the tools, resources and encouragement clients need to manage their money and improve their financial future.

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Our financial coaches help clients to:

Save toward a Goal
Budget & Manage Money
Reduce Debt
Understand & Improve Credit
Build a Plan to Meet Financial Goals
“I feel I have a lot more confidence and control over my money. I’m not afraid to talk about it anymore, money is not a scary thing. That’s the beauty of talking to my financial coach.”

– Annabella, YourLife coaching client

Is coaching for you?

If you’re finally ready to face your finances head on and actively work to achieve your financial goals with the help of a coach, then YourLife Coaching can help!

Women who are interested in coaching must:

  • Have a source of income
  • Be committed to financial improvement
  • Consistently attend scheduled coaching sessions by telephone or in person.
  • Be willing to do “homework” outside of coaching sessions
  • Reside in the Greater Houston Area

Your journey to a better financial future starts here.


We offer two ways to receive financial coaching: in person and/or over the phone. We understand the importance of building relationships, therefore we suggest the first coaching session is in person. It’s always your choice to decide how you want to meet for your coaching sessions. (Due to COVID-19 some coaching appointments are currently taking place over the phone) 

We work with any woman who has a source of income. Many different things can be considered a source of income.  Some of these include payments from your work, child support, SNAP, Social Security, disability benefits, gifts or support from friends/family and unemployment benefits. If you are not sure if your source of income complies, please reach out to The Women’s Resource. 

We understand that you may not be able to meet during normal business hours. Your coach will work with you to find a time that is mutually convenient for both of you so you can reap the full benefits of our program. 

Homework may include working on a personal budget, tracking spending, brainstorming ways to save and/or pay debt down, or reviewing your credit report and score. Homework may also include setting financial goals. As coaches, we’ll provide support and accountability as you work on accomplishing your goals.

We ask you to meet with us once a month.  If you need additional support between appointments, we are available to provide extra help. 

There are no fees associated with our program.  All of our time and tools are provided to you free of charge. 

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