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Week 1: Track Your Spending Challenge

At The Women’s Resource, we know that the foundation of healthy financial habits is an accurate budget. But how can we know what to put on our budget if we’re not really sure how much we’re spending and what kinds of purchases we tend to make? We’re making it easy to jump start your budget by getting an understanding of your spending habits!

Week 2: Grocery Savings Challenge

It can be difficult to cut back on our eating out and grocery budget. Especially when more of us are working from home, it can be tempting to wander down the snack aisle and pick up a few treats we probably weren’t purchasing this time last year. We’re challenging ourself and encourage you to join us as we work on reducing our food budget.

Week 3: Dollar a Day Challenge

Our motto is “Pay Yourself First.” We’re going to do that by saving $1 each day. On the first day, you save $1. On the second day you save $2, and so on!

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