Mission Moments

Volunteers and Class Participants in Their Own Words

From a Volunteer-
“ I love when people ask questions and you see the lightbulb turn on and after class they ask follow up questions. It’s great to see when the interest and you can see the hope that their finances can be better. A lot of the women at the partnership locations make wrong decisions before our classes and they don’t think they can do it but they are learning that they can. It’ll take time but they can turn their life around with their finances.”

From a Class Participant-
“The knowledge that I have gained through attending the courses hosted by volunteers with the Women's Resource center, has been influential to my financial growth. I was a single parent and found myself living from check to check. In order to supplement my income and supply necessities for my children, I would get payday loans. As a result of the Women's Resources skills I've inherited I have secured a savings account both business and personal. With the knowledge that I have gained from these classes, I'm able to have better financial control over my goals. I am hopeful at the improvements of my goals being newly equipped with this financial wisdom.”