About Us

A Bit of History

The Greater Houston Women's Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, was established in 1990 by a group of professional women who were concerned that less than five percent of philanthropic dollars were dedicated to women and girls' causes. The founders did not want Houston to follow this national trend, so they gathered like-minded women who contributed to build the foundation. The foundation had three goals: help women become economically self sufficient; encourage prevention and early intervention of problems affecting women and girls; and support programs that develop and improve life skills.

In 1992, the foundation began issuing grants, commissioned annual research on topics of significance to Houston's women and girls, and launched a series of free financial education classes. A decade later, in 2002, a strategic decision was made to end all grant making and to focus the organization's resources on teaching financial education classes and sponsoring research. To reflect the new priorities, the organization's name was changed to The Women's Resource of Greater Houston.

Our Mission

We help women and girls make choices toward becoming independent, productive and financially stable.

Our Vision

The Women's Resource of Greater Houston desires that all women and girls in our community are financially literate, productive, and self-sufficient.